A suggested tour of New Zealand .

This is going to allow you organize your trip and to give you the occazion ideal to visit the
country to admire its sumptuous landscapes between matchs, since the best teams will
meet in all country of the North in the South. The official agencies of trips can help
you to plan in the detail your route, your
theft with special offer towards New Zealand ,
the accomodation and tickets of the matchs main .

Couleur rugby  : www.voyagesrugbyn-z2011.fr 

Exemple of stay :

23 days + 6 matchs .

Program of tour ;

* 4 days at Christchurch

* 3 days at Wellington

* 1 day at Taupo

* 3 days at Auckland

* 1 day at Tauranga

* 2 days at Rotorua

* 5 days at Auckland

When you're travelling New Zealand , it's a natural attractions that put the magic in your day.

Snowy moutains , volcanoes , delectable beaches , remote hiking

trails , fiords , wilderness lakes ans much , much more ..

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