Interview with JONAH LOMU !!!!!

- Hi, M. LOMU. My name is Océane. I'm student in FRANCE and my work is to do a blog about the Rugby World Cup.

- Good morning, Océane. I'm happy that you are interesting  by the Rugby. It's the passion of all the Neozelanders.

- Since when are you in the team of the ALL BLACKS, M. LOMU ?

- Since 1994 until 2002, my position was wing. Now, I play in your country at MARSEILLE.

- You are a legend of rugby for us !  Are you going to participate at the RWC in your country ?

- Indeed, I'm the ambassador of the official trip agency, Couleur Rugby. We  share common values : the love of rugby, the envy to exchange with others and to share exceptionals moments. I'm going to be able to make discover my country, the NEO ZEALAND.

- All the supporters of this sport goes be happy to meet the most famous for the players in the world. Thank you M. LOMU to have answer my questions. Nice to meet you.

- Me too, Océane and I hope that you could come in my country a next day. bye bye.

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